Personally Involved

Personally Involved

Best Industry Practices And Strive For Improvement

Best Industry Practices And
Strive For Improvement

Meet All Expectations And Exceed Them

Meet All
And Exceed Them

Respect The Dignity And Understand The Individual Needs

The Dignity
And Understand
The Individual Needs

Support The Individuals And The Business

Support The Individuals
And The Business

Actively Develop Ourselves, The Company And Society

Actively Develop Ourselves,
The Company And Society

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Company Info

Frontex International is a leading debt managing company in Bulgaria. Our success in the local market is the result of our professional approach to each of our clients, the quality of our services and the care we apply towards preserving our own reputation and the image of the companies that have entrusted us with their overdue accounts. We are committed to offering integrated innovative solutions that best serve the requirements of businesses across all economic sectors. We offer the full scope of services in collection, debt management and acquisition of overdue receivables, constantly striving to identify the most efficient methods for improving our clients’ cash position and minimizing the credit risk they bear.

Since 2023, the majority shareholder in the company is "Web Finance Holding" AD - the company's main activity is: consultation and management of debt portfolios, management of enterprises in liquidation, as well as enterprises in liquidity crises, consulting and legal services. The company specializes in carrying out transactions for the acquisition of rights on receivables and assuming the risk of collecting these receivables; financial and commercial operations with credit portfolios, restructuring and management.

Partners of "Web Finance Holding" AD are Bulgarian and foreign companies, commercial banks and investment companies, including "UniCredit Bulbank" AD, "Eurobank and EFG Bulgaria" AD, "DSK Bank" AD, "Bulgarian Development Bank" AD, United Bulgarian Bank AD, Central Cooperative Bank AD, Actavis AD and many others.


Frontex International is a full member and member of the Board of the Receivables Management Association (RMABG), itself a member of the Federation of European National Collection Agencies (FENCA). The company is also a member of ACA International – the most significant worldwide union of companies and professionals in the debt collection industry with the mission of promoting the best practices in the industry.

Our affiliation with these professional bodies, as well as our frequent participation in international conferences and seminars, is an opportunity to interact with leading companies and professionals in the industry, sharing knowledge and experience on up-to-date standards of debt management and collection.

The company actively participates in important legislative initiatives and various events aimed at introducing industry standards. Operational and functional innovation at Frontex International is aligned with our commitment to social responsibility and unwavering respect towards our employees and partners, as well as every person that we encounter in our daily business.
  • Mission

    Driven by our commitment to providing quality services in the field of debt management, we strive to realize the highest possible collection rates at the lowest cost for both our partners and their customers.

    We achieve this with a team of skilled professionals dedicated to employing the highest standards and best industry practices, complemented by sustainable investment in technological advances and personnel development.
  • Vision

    We value our customers and our partners’ clients, creating together new opportunities for everyone that we encounter in our business daily.

    Our employees undergo specialized training in order to understand the needs and respect the dignity of individuals in financial distress.

    We are proud of having helped customers not only settle their debt but also to discover new opportunities for their personal development. Identifying with them is the root of our success!
  • Values

    Responsibility – personally committed to what we do

    Professionalism – we employ best practices in our business and strive to improve

    Trust – we meet expectations and try to exceed them

    Respect and understanding – we respect each person’s dignity and understand individual needs

    Partnership – we work to support people and businesses and our success depends on this

    Development – we create an environment where we can all improve as persons and professionals, thereby developing the company and society